About Essence at Scott River Lodge

Chip and Pam Hanes describe their program as defining “Oneness in marriage empowered by the presence of the Holy Spirit.” The most essential part of a happy marriage is the third person in the marriage, the Holy Spirit. They emphasize the presence of God being central to marriage and expect guests will experience the power of the Holy Spirit that will remain in them and enable them to extract the treasure in each other on a daily basis.

About Pam and Chip

Pam and Chip Hanes been married for 45 years and have 5 children and 12 grandchildren. With the exception of their oldest child whose children are now going through the ranch leadership programs, all of their children have been through father-child, second wind, track 2, and spent summers working at JH. It has been a huge part of the Hanes family.

Pam is a busy speaker addressing groups and drawing them into a closer relationship with God.

Pam and Chip have been facilitating married couple groups at Outback events and at the JH Ranch for the last 7 years. They emphasize that the greatest thing a couple can bring into a marriage relationship to guarantee success is a dynamic relationship with the Holy Spirit. There are many wonderful teachings and principles that are helpful but for them to be maximally effective it is important to have an outside source of strength and power.

Our goal is to facilitate couples coming into partnership with that power.


About The Oneness of Marriage at Scott River Lodge

Imagine for just a moment, your marriage the way God intended it to be. What if your marriage reflected the oneness, intimacy, and holiness that God desires? What if God blessed your marriage beyond imagination?

All too often, the hurried rush and busyness of this world devours our time and attention for things not of God. For some, embracing a right perspective of what matters most in this short-lived world is difficult at best. During your Marriage Getaway, you will be encouraged to tilt your chin two inches upward to gain a right perspective of how God uses the joys and storms of life in business and in marriage to bring you to the other side of your faith. Whether it’s a time of renewal that you desire or just some alone time with your spouse, this marriage getaway offers the perfect balance of romance, laughter, and intentionality that will help take your marriage to new heights of intimacy and oneness.

The Oneness of Marriage is one of our most popular adventure-based programs designed to help couples embrace God’s design for marriage in a way that gives them practical tools to disarm the threats to marital oneness and reclaim surrendered oneness. Topics include, recalling the oneness of marriage, discovering God’s design for marital oneness, disarming the threats of oneness, reclaiming surrendered oneness, and unlocking the intimacy of oneness. The Oneness of Marriage program also incorporates experiential learning activities such as, white-water rafting, challenge courses, zip lines, trail biking, and mountain hikes. Couples will also enjoy romantic dates nights, dance nights, incredible food, and laughter.

“After spending a week with the Sumlin’s at the Scott River Lodge, my husband and I feel a sense of renewal, hope, and encouragement to take our marriage to new heights!” - Scott River Lodge Guest -

About Terri and David

Dr. David and Terri Sumlin are co-founders of Marriage Life Ministries and authors of the Marriage Innovators Workshop®, Intimacy of Marriage®, and Oneness of Marriage® series designed to help couples enrich their marriages through the application of biblical principles and adventure-based learning. They both have served over the last 15 years as international marriage educators, retreat leaders, pastoral counselors, and conference speakers. In addition to facilitating marital enrichment programs for the Scott River Lodge, the Sumlin’s also lead marital enrichment programs for JH Ranch, JH Outback, as well as Chick-fil-A’s WinShape Marriage Adventures.

The Sumlin’s unique approach to marital education is built upon some of the advances found in neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and adventure-based therapy, which ultimately is tested through the lens of God’s word for validation. The result is an Activity-Based Marital Enrichment process that helps couples derive behavioral transformation and sustained learning. Couples who participate in these types of marital enrichment programs are 84% more likely to report having increased levels of marital satisfaction long after their time at the Scott River Lodge.


About Dream Together Weekend at Scott River Lodge

Dream Together is a transformational experience for your marriage and family journey, designed by the Halftime Institute in partnership with Scott River Lodge, for couples who don’t just want to leave a legacy, they want to LIVE it?

Proven Plan and Success: For life-changing transformation – not only for your marriage but for your entire family.

Get Clarity: On your purpose and passions so you, your spouse, and your family can make a lasting impact in the areas that matter most.

Get More Aligned: With your spouse on your values and your desires for the future.

Gain Insights: By being in a small interactive workshop with other authentic Christian couples who share your desire of living purposefully and making an impact with all that they’ve been entrusted with.

About Linda and Lloyd

Linda and Lloyd have been married over 30 years, enjoy living near Charlotte NC and have three grown children. Linda was a stay-at-home mom and a part-time dental assistant until the children started leaving for college. After exploring her calling and realizing her passion to encourage moms of young children, she transitioned into a mentoring role. She has always loved working with dental patients but loves her role at even more, and today that is her primary occupation.

Lloyd Reeb was a successful real estate developer and owner of luxury senior housing facilities in 1993 when his idea of success changed dramatically and his life’s focus shifted to second-half significance. He spends most of his time now speaking and leading workshops around the world, moderating Halftime Institute events and coaching men and women through the Halftime journey.

Lloyd is also the author of The Second Half: Real Stories, Real Adventures, Real Significance, a coffee table book packed with stories of people mak­ing a difference in their second half. His first book, From Success to Sig­nificance: When the Pursuit of Success Isn’t Enough, is a roadmap for mid-life transition. He co-authored Unlimited Partnership: Igniting a Marketplace Leader’s Journey to Significance, a guide to partnering with non-profit leaders. Lloyd’s Introduction to Halftime Group Curriculum is written to people who are not financially independent but want to emphasize significance in their second half.


About Pastor's Getaway at Scott River Lodge

Pastors are called by God to provide oversight and leadership to the people of God within the local church. The pastorate is a demanding position that takes a toll on a person's spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Burnout, Moral Failure, and Loneliness are common factors that contribute to a high attrition rate in pastoral ministry. Pastors are need of time and space to renew and refresh.

The Pastor's Getaway is designed to create a safe, restful, and intentional place for pastors and their spouses to come and experience God's grace and goodness. Couples will enjoy the beauty of God's creation, cutoff from the pace of ministry and family. They will be treated to first-class accommodations while at Scott River Lodge. They will be given time to enjoy alone, participate in fun and challenging adventures, and reflect upon their marriage. All while being served by world-class staff and facilitators.

Each moment during the week has been prayerfully and purposefully planned in order to make the Pastor's Getaway a week to remember and cherish. Sessions will include the 3 M's - Marriage, Maturity, and Margin and will be collaborative learning environments that include experiential education.

About Chris and Jennifer

Chris and Jennifer have celebrated 20 years of marriage and are in their 6th year of facilitating at the Scott River Lodge. By God's grace the Lord has rescued them from pornography addiction, emotional infidelity, and financial ruin. Because of this they are passionate and committed to walk with couples in all stages of life; pointing them to Jesus Christ and God's biblical design for marriage. They have started marriage ministries, taught marriage classes, speak at couple's retreats, and counseled hundreds of couples over the years.

Chris spent his earlier professional career as an educator and athletic coach. After completing his master’s degree in Leadership and Organization Studies from Fresno Pacific University, the Lord called him into pastoral ministry. He now serves as the Executive Pastor of Ministry at The Well Community Church in Fresno, California. He has been a part of the pastoral staff since 2010. His heart is to see pastors thrive in their relationship with Christ, in oneness with their spouse, and in transparency with their congregations.

Jennifer has worked both in the professional arena and in the home and currently is the Office Manager for an Ameriprise Financial office. Chris and Jennifer have been blessed with four beautiful daughters. Kamryn (17), Addison (15), Tessa (13), and Samantha (10) provide many wonderful moments to grow in holiness as they seek to train them for life and service for Jesus Christ. There are lots of girl clothes and heartfelt tears, but also lots of laughter and joy as they seek to love God and each other.


About Blended Family Week at Scott River Lodge

What does a Godly marriage look like in the context of Blended Family life?

God's standards for marriage are the same today as they've always been. Yet for those of us living in a stepfamily, it can be challenging to understand how to live out God's plan for our marriage.

Most step-couples feel overwhelmed with complex step-relationships and kids moving back and forth between homes. These unique dynamics (and many more) bring a sense of uncertainty and sometimes even hopelessness.

Spending a week with us at Scott River Lodge will pull you out of the everyday blended family "chaos" giving you the chance to grow closer to God and to each other in an intentionally undistracted environment.

Our Blended Family week is designed specifically for you to pull away for a week of adventure and investment into your marriage. You'll make new discoveries about God's redemptive love in your marriage, how to clarify your family's values & goals, avoid the pitfalls of relational triggers, gain real-life strategies for healthy bonding and practical tools for good communication.

Come and enjoy some much-needed rest, romance and even adventure all while making a lasting investment into your marriage — and ultimately your blended family.

About Mike and Kim

Mike & Kim Anderson are the founders of Mike & Kim Coaching and have created two online courses specifically designed for blended family couples. In addition, they host a weekly podcast called The Blended Family Coaching Show with Mike and Kim.

Mike grew up in challenging stepfamily dynamics. Mike & Kim were married in 2001 — forming their own stepfamily. They have been coaching and supporting step-couples for over a decade. They reside in the Pacific Northwest and are grateful for their three beautiful children, Annika (24), Phoebe (17) and Jacob (16).

Mike and Kim have experienced the joys of “blending” as well as deep valleys of pain and struggle. Throughout their journey, they've looked to God for strength and relied on Him to uphold and sustain their marriage. They are uniquely positioned to help step-couples to experience more clarity, confidence and connection as they lead their stepfamily forward.

Mike & Kim offer an authentic and intentional approach to your week at Scott River Lodge. Their desire for you is to experience God in a meaningful way and be filled with hope as you connect together, grow your friendship and enrich your romantic relationship. Mike & Kim are passionate about helping step-couples to experience breakthroughs, overcome challenges and thrive in their unique blended family dynamics.

Additionally, Mike is a certified Life Coach helping individuals reach their goals in family, work and leadership.


Mack and Janice are looking forward to celebrating their 40th year of marriage this year - 2020! They have been involved in marriage ministry for 20 years as facilitators of Dynamic Marriage. 
Mack, director of Outback International of the JH Ranch, began with the organization in January of 2003. He is part of the Ranch leadership team, the chief generosity officer, and is one of the speakers for the Ranch’s weekly summer programs. In the off-season he makes presentations for the Ranch and is a frequent speaker at men’s retreats and to church and civic groups. 

Janice, a former high school teacher, joins Mack in ministry with the JH Ranch emphasis on Journey of Transition as a speaker and encourager to parents in their changing role from "Cop to Coach". Together they are the very proud parents of three children and 3 amazing grandchildren. Mack also has 2 married daughters and 3 equally amazing grandchildren! They currently reside in Birmingham, AL. 

Program: “From Empty Nest to Abundant Living”
What happens now that your children are grown and out of the house? Referring to this important transition as the empty nest syndrome does it a disservice as it brings about feelings of loss and sadness. If we have done our job well our children should want to leave home and begin their own God Purpose. It is a time to celebrate, so come spend a week rediscovering and re-focusing on the beauty and uniqueness of relationship with your spouse.  Our time will be filled with fun couples’ activities designed to renew passion and rediscover relationship. Topics will include How to Embrace this New Stage of Life - the Joys and Challenges; How to Communicate with Your Adult Children; Leaving a Legacy Worth Passing On; The Blessing and Responsibilities of Grandparenting; and much more.  Our focus will be on your hopes and dreams, forgotten or yet to be discovered interests, your God given passions, and re-discovering passion with your spouse.


About Twogether at Scott River Lodge

Our program is called Twogether. Cheesy as it sounds, that’s what we are - a couple...Two different beings who have chosen one another and meshed our lives together. A marriage is a powerful union, a true commitment, and it can bring great joy and also great discontent.

During our week you can plan to laugh, maybe cry (hopefully good tears), share meals, experience outdoor adventures, study, get to know new friends, learn much more about your partner, pray, be still, and more. Meg and I are here to facilitate, to lead each individual and couple, and equip you with new skills to better understand, appreciate and communicate with one another.

The curriculum is based on the truths of Scripture and tested in real-world experience. You will be challenged to take a deeper look at how you compliment one another, to define your values and we will help you clarify your future.

Life can be hard with weighty responsibilities and little time to spare. It's easy to get stuck in a cycle with the pressures of work and family life crowding out any chance to connect. You probably feel the need to press pause, stop or may even want to escape.

During this week, our goal will be to bring you to a healthy stopping place. To create space for you to focus on the relationship you have with your spouse.

We want the best for you as a couple and look forward to sharing a week alongside you.

About Meghan and Steve

Never in Meghan or my wildest dreams did we think our journey would take us where it has or lead us to where we are, and yet, we could not have planned it better ourselves. It has been an adventure.

As a married couple, Meg and I have experienced highs, lows, joy, sadness, pain, loss, gain, boredom, loneliness, the mundane everyday, waiting, and more - just like you. We have worked multiple jobs at once, both in the and outside the church, lived in different countries, made good choices and also our fair share of mistakes.

We have been married for 16 years and currently, we live in Sydney, Australia. I have a consulting business,, and Meghan works with me and on various contract projects. In our spare time I like to play golf, swim and drink coffee and Meghan prefers to surf, laugh as much as possible and eat Cheez-Its. Together we enjoy meeting friends and family for dinner, especially Mexican food, and always have fun seeing our families when we travel back to the States.