Q: Will my 2020 registration be rolled over to 2021 and will this allow me to have first choice in the program?

A: During your call with our registrars, please indicate if you would like to roll over. Our summer ‘20 & ‘21 program schedules are the same, so we will give you priority booking for your previously chosen session.


Q: If I roll my 2020 registration to 2021, will I be charged 2021 prices?

A: No, due to the current circumstances we will honor the 2020 prices to all guests rolling over to 2021.


Q: Is it possible to request a refund of my registration?

A: Yes, you also have the ability to rollover your registration to 2021 at 2020 prices or donate your registration as a tax-deductible donation. Our registration team will call to discuss your options and help you make the appropriate selection. We will call the June program enrollees first, making our way through the programs in a few weeks time.


Q: If I add a new registration to 2021, will there be a change in the price for the 2021 program?

A: Yes, the program schedule and updated prices will be posted on the website for any new registrations as soon as possible.


Q: I was on the waiting list, will I get a refund?

A: We will gladly add you to the waitlist for 2021 or you can contact us in order to refund your deposit.


Q: If I booked my flight & car, will my change fees be reimbursed?

A: No, unfortunately we cannot reimburse change fees but many of the airlines and car companies have been very generous. Please contact your airline directly. 


Q: Will any programs be running this summer?

A: No, we are suspending all of our scheduled summer programs.


Q: My registrations rolled over from 2019. Can I roll over to 2021?

A: Yes! We are excited for you to come to the Scott River Lodge in 2021.


Q: I had the Early Bird discount ($295 off) applied to my registration for 2020. Will that promotion roll over to my registration for 2021?

A: Yes! If you were already an Early Bird registration for 2020, we will honor your Early Bird discount for 2021.


Q: I am being sponsored to attend a program. If I can't attend in 2021, what are the options?

A: Please contact Elisa Williams for sponsorship questions at elisa@jhranch.com