Rest  ◆  Refresh  ◆  Romance  ◆  Renewal

The HEART of hospitality at Scott River Lodge


The heart of hospitality at Scott River Lodge has its roots in the story of Elijah where God first demonstrated his prescription for restoration and renewal.

After waging a mighty battle, Elijah, scared, alone, and utterly discouraged, collapsed under a tree and prayed for death to take him (1 Kings 19:1-4). God answered Elijah, but not with death, but instead his recipe for renewal. He put Elijah to bed and he woke him up to feed him and offer refreshment and he again put him back to sleep and continued the cycle for days. It's our belief that rest, great food, intimacy with your spouse and God's presence can ultimately lead to a sense of renewal you have never felt before. That is why each week at Scott River Lodge is specifically designed to be a balance of thoughtful and challenging activities but also give you the rest and refreshment you need in order leave feeling renewed!

We look forward to serving you as you journey from burnout and weariness to life and renewal.

-The Team at Scott River Lodge