TWOgether :: Steve and Meg Knox

As an individual you are unique and specially created by God. As a couple, you are just as unique and valuable. Life can be hard with weighty responsibilities and little time to spare. It's easy to get stuck in a cycle with the pressures of work and family life crowding out any chance to connect. You probably feel the need to press pause, stop or may even want to escape.

During this week, our goal will be to bring you to a healthy stopping place. To create space for you to focus on the relationship you have with your partner (of choice!).

The TWOgether program led by us, Steve and Meg Knox, focuses on you - the couple. We will equip you with new skills to better understand and appreciate and best communicate with each other. The curriculum is based in the truths of Scripture and tested in real world experiences. You will be challenged to take a deeper look at how you compliment each other, to define your values and we will help you create goals for your future.

We want the best for you as couples and look forward to sharing a week alongside you.



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What can guests expect to experience throughout the week?

Couples can expect to experience a break from their normal routine and create margin to reconnect with each other. You can also expect to be challenged and encouraged in pursuing a relationship of meaning, purpose, and significance.

What are the main topics that will be discussed during the sessions?
  • How to identify your core values
  • How to assess your level of fulfillment and engagement
  • How to communicate in healthy and productive ways
  • How you’re wired to relate
  • How your strengths compliment each other
  • How to create a healthy rhythm of life together
Where do couples need to be in their spiritual walk to best experience all aspects of your program?

Every couple is welcome regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey.

Where do couples need to be in their marriage to best experience all aspects of your program?

Together, with a willingness to learn how to fight for each other.


If you have any questions we are always happy to hear from you, click the button above and we will answer your request within twenty-four business hours.



ABOUT THE Facilitators

Having a relationship with God and living an adventurous life are synonymous.

Never in Meg or I’s wildest dreams did we think our journey would take us where it has or lead us to where we are, and yet, we could not have planned it better ourselves.

As a married couple, Meg and I have experienced great highs, tremendous lows, joy, sadness, pain, loss and the myriad of emotions in between. We have worked multiple jobs at once, both in the and outside the church, lived in different countries, made good choices and also our fair share of mistakes. But through it all, God has been faithful in our relationship.

Life has been an adventure. Choosing to follow God has this effect. Come join us, fellow travelers in life, as we walk through living life well together and making the greatest impact on the world 'twogether.'

Currently we live in Sydney, Australia. I have a consulting business,, and Meg is an executive leader at a university. I enjoy golfing, Meg enjoys surfing and we both enjoy dinners with friends & family, walks and our little life together. We have been married 14 incredible years.




  • We thoroughly enjoyed all parts of the week. From the first moment we saw the staf waiting for us at the Lodge we knew we were going to experience something amazing. The staf was wonderful and the food Chef Teri, Jacob and their team prepared was astounding. Thank you for such a memorable week. We are looking forward to coming back again.
    — Jeff W.
  • I am completely serious when I say that the program is perfect. The venue, the food, the content of the sessions...just perfect! I can’t tell you in words how much we loved Steve and Meg Knox! Amazing people!
    — Stacy W.
  • What a beautiful slice of nature God has created in Northern California to connect with Him and your spouse. We have met new friends and relationships that I hope to enjoy for a lifetime. A truly wonderful week....thank you to a very special staf!!
    — Jan P.


$4,995 per couple