The life of a pastor is unique and demanding while the responsibilities of ministry are relentless and draining. The high calling to preach, lead, and shepherd God’s people can often produce fatigue, stress, and discouragement.

Statistics show that pastors are struggling to keep up with the demands of ministry and as a result neglect their own spiritual health, live in isolation, and experience marital conflict. Left to the never ending expectations and responsibilities many fail in ministry or leave it all together.

But what if there was a way to prevent this pattern? What if pastors were given the opportunity to unplug from the grind of ministry life and retreat to a place of calm, peace, and beauty? What if they were given permission to take off the hat of pastoral ministry and simply be themselves? What is they were allowed to enjoy a week alone with their spouse and focus on their marriage?

The Pastor’s Getaway is designed to be a place of rest and refreshment for those in pastoral ministry. Enjoy a week filled with 4-star dining, exciting outdoor activities, powerful new connections, meaningful marriage exercises, and quiet solitude with your spouse. The Scott River Lodge is the perfect setting to meet all of your needs.

The week will be guided by experienced and biblically focused facilitators who have a heart to see pastors flourish in their lives and ministries. Spend time with other pastoral couples and explore the concepts of marriage, maturity, and margin. Using experiential education and the principles of God’s Word, pastors are given practical tools and methods to ensure that they can continue to cultivate marital health while fostering their own spiritual formation.

The Pastor’s Getaway is a life-changing experience for couples as they disconnect from the daily demands, reconnect with their spouses, and connect themselves to God’s Spirit in one of the most beautiful and unique environments in the country.




In honor of our long time friend and Lodge supporter, Stacy Taylor, we created A Portion for Pastors Scholarship Fund so that we could help provide a means for Pastors in need to receive rest and refreshment in their marriages and in their calling.

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Click the link above to apply for a scholarship. Applications will be reviewed and scholarships are given on a per need basis.

Have you thanked your pastor lately? Give the gift of the "A Portion for Pastors Retreat" to a Pastor and their spouse.



  • The facilitators are so down to earth and easy to talk to. I could see us being great friends with both of them for a long time to come. I loved how open they were to telling their story of what the Lord has done in their relationship and ministry. I’m convinced that their willingness to be raw, opened the entire group up! They were also a ton of fun - they knew how to be serious when the time came, but also knew how to have a great time.
    — Jared B.
  • Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Even our kids instantly noticed a diference in us. We have left before on just a vacation, this was definitely not the same. Our lives and the life of our ministry will forever be grateful.
    — Elizabeth D.
  • Loved the content, but especially loved the pace. It was just enough content to give us something to talk and pray about, but not too much that if felt like a conference or seminar. We came with a strong need to rest and slow down and we were able to do just that. I appreciate that nothing was rushed!
    — Christine D.


$1,795 per couple