The Scott River Lodge is the proud home of The Farmstead, a three acre farm that provides organic heirloom produce to the Lodge on a year round basis.  The goal of The Farmstead is to serve not only as a source of fresh, sustainably farmed produce for the Lodge, but as a classroom for our guests.  We look forward to educating our guests about the almost-lost art of sustainable agriculture. To aid in this, we offer week-long programs dedicated to health and sustainability.




To the best of our ability, we commit to steward the land in the most ecologically responsible way, and to having our land free of chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and genetically modified organisms. All of our animals are raised on pasture and fed organic feed, and our crops are rotated in order to take advantage of the fertility and pest management animals provide. We try and manage our farm so every operation in the Farmstead provides a benefit to another, so that our farm uses minimal outside inputs and eliminates most of its waste.


We’ve gone back to the traditional ways of farming for good reason: When an animal has good food, clean water, free range, and fresh air, it thrives. And like our ancestors, we raise a diverse range of animals to keep our pasture and soil robust and healthy. We truly care for our animals and work tirelessly to provide the very best life possible we can for them. Visit the Farmstead website to learn more about the types and varieties of animals we raise.


At the Farmstead we believe that the farm is not only a garden but a classroom.  Each year we take on a number of farm apprentices in order to increase the amount of individuals who have a command of the fundamental skills and concepts associated with organic horticulture and agriculture, such that they will be prepared to actively participate in commercial or social service projects that aim to demonstrate good stewardship and thus improve human health and environmental quality through organic farming. Apply for the 2017 Apprenticeship here.

Farm Gallery
Meet the Farmer

Benjamin Hoover


Ben has always had a passion for growing things, people, his relationship with God, and now vegetables. Every summer Ben helps equip young interns with the skills needed in order to start their own farming operations. Ben has turned the Farmstead into a classroom and is eager to help equip those who wish to incorporate farming into their ministry, either here in the states or abroad. Interested in working alongside Ben, fill out the apprenticeship applications below.

Farmstead Kitchen

Everything we harvest either ends up on our guests plate or in our line of canned goods, to learn more about our farm to table cuisine click the link below.