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Chip and Pam Hanes describe their program as defining “Oneness in marriage empowered by the presence of the Holy Spirit.” The most essential part of a happy marriage is the third person in the marriage, the Holy Spirit. They emphasize the presence of God being central to marriage and expect guests will experience the power of the Holy Spirit that will remain in them and enable them to extract the treasure in each other on a daily basis.


About the Hanes

Pam and Chip Hanes been married for 45 years and have 5 children and 12 grandchildren. With the exception of their oldest child whose children are now going through the ranch leadership programs, all of their children have been through father-child, second wind, track 2, and spent summers working at JH. It has been a huge part of the Hanes family. 

Pam is a busy speaker addressing groups and drawing them into a closer relationship with God. 

Pam and Chip have been facilitating married couple groups at Outback events and at the JH Ranch for the last 7 years. They emphasize that the greatest thing a couple can bring into a marriage relationship to guarantee success is a dynamic relationship with the Holy Spirit. There are many wonderful teachings and principles that are helpful but for them to be maximally effective it is important to have an outside source of strength and power. 

Our goal is to facilitate couples coming into partnership with that power. 




What topics will be discussed during the week?

Experiencing the love of God, the healer of all wounds; learning how to walk out a life-style of forgiveness; open, honest and vulnerable communication that creates an environment of greater intimacy; understanding that prayer is the essential element to insure a secure marriage; purposing to extract the true treasure in each other and calling it forth daily; and intentionally making time together a top priority.

What you can expect to experience throughout the week?

Guests will experience heart-felt forgiveness, the joy of seeing each other in the very best light, and most importantly, they will experience the power of the Holy Spirit that will remain in them and enable them to extract the treasure in each other on a daily basis.

Where do couples need to be in their spiritual walk to best experience all aspects of your program?

Wherever they are spiritually, the Holy Spirit will meet them and reveal himself to them. To those who have a spiritual walk, it will be greatly enhanced. To those who don’t yet have a spiritual walk, it will become the foundation of what it means to walk with God and have God in the midst of their marriage.


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  • Scott River Lodge was a glimpse of Heaven to me. The accommodations in the setting of Gods beautiful creation was magnificent. The volunteers were angels with their joyful hearts to serve us and provide a memorable and happy environment was priceless. The Lodge and the grounds were so special and welcoming. The entire experience was a blessing that I pray will continue throughout our marriage and generations to come.
    — Amber S.
  • I can say that this was one of the most impactful weeks for my wife and I. I cannot think of a more meaningful time we have spent together. The content was helpful, and the facilitators poured all of their hearts into it, and into us.
    — Josh S.
  • Chip and Pam have a genuine desire to help facilitate couples having an encounter with the Holy Spirit. They even facilitated some additional evening ministry times after dinner that were not on the schedule and it was wonderful! They take the time to personally invest and connect with each couple.
    — David D.


$4,995 per couple

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