“Cannonball!” She yelled as she jumped off of the platform. The water was freezing but it didn’t seem to matter much to her. 

After a week in the mountains, she had found bliss. When I looked up the definition for the word “bliss” it meant “perfect happiness” and “great joy.” As I stood on the shore and watched her cannonball into the stream, I realized what bliss really meant. To find bliss is to find freedom.

The Lord did a great work in all of us during our week at Scott River Lodge. As I think back to that time and the transformations that occurred, I think what we all found was freedom. Scriptures tell us that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And as we spent a week learning about bliss and the lavish love of God, I realized that what we were all walking away with was freedom. 

There is something beautiful about realizing you don’t have to have it altogether or be perfect. That is bliss. 

There is something freeing to know that God always gives us more grace. That is bliss. 

And as I stood there on the shore and watched in envy as our guest ran and did a cannonball into the water, I realized—that’s what I want. I want freedom.

I didn’t do a cannonball for fear the water was too cold but you better believe that come next year, I’ll be the first in line to do a cannonball into the icy water. Because that’s what I crave. Freedom. That’s what we all crave. What kind of cannonball can you take today? 

Ian Christopher