Bliss in the Day to Day

It was the last night of the Bliss retreat and we were all sitting around that large dining room table in the SRL soaking up our last moments as a group. We savored the last bites of our incredible dessert while sharing how we had each grown that week. The overwhelming consensus from these sweet women was that this retreat had indeed been bliss. One sweet woman finally said though what was on all of our minds, and is an all too familiar feeling to anyone who has participated in a life changing program, like Bliss, she said to the group, “ I am just worried for how this will be when we get home, you know the come down.” Murmurs of agreement and nods spread around the table, the group all affirming for one another this shared fear. We talked a bit more about the valley being just as sacred as the mountain top, as was shared by Vernon in our morning devotional, but even with the reassurance we gave one another I still was aware that this was a very real experience for our participants in the weeks that follow. 

With that recognition as I transitioned out of my role as a Bliss Facilitator and back into normal life I was keenly aware of the need to cultivate the seed of bliss that had been planted in my heart during our time together. What this has ultimately manifested as is reminding myself of what I have experienced, the miracles I witnessed in our time together; the bodies I saw healed, the minds that were freed, and the hearts that were set on fire. This simple act of remembering sets my heart once again on the lavish love of God that truly is Bliss and is readily available to me at any moment of my day. 

So today, I invite you to take a moment to remember. What is the goodness you have witnessed in the past day, week. month, and maybe year? I encourage you to write about it, thank God for it, and even share it with a friend or leave it in the comments below. Let us all remember our Bliss. 

Ian Christopher